T-MAX is T-SHIRT: Your Premier T-Shirt Printing Partner

T-MAX:  Where Your Company Branding Begins

Welcome to T-MAX, your premier destination for custom t-shirt printing in Israel. 

T-MAX is a family-owned company led by Maxi Garb, and his sons Tamir and Avner. Established in 1994, T-MAX has since been committed to the principles of service, excellence and product quality. 

With over two decades of expertise, we specialize in printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, primarily catering to the dynamic high-tech industry. We deliver the highest-quality silk screen printing on different textile products to a range of companies. From the food and tourism industry to leading international high-tech companies, T-MAX has offered excellent printing services to all. We’ve also proudly partnered with sports organizations, domestic and international missions, and more. 

With local production, outstanding personalized service, advanced printing technology for exceptional product quality, and precise brand color matching, we offer your company a branding experience unlike any other. 

Our commitment extends to both the Israeli and global markets, where we offer our expertise and resources to meet the evolving needs of our clients, and staying at the forefront of the industry!

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Print on a Shirt - Foster Team Pride!

Printing custom shirts for employees can be a powerful strategy for companies, offering a range of benefits. Custom shirts with your company logo is a simple and effective way to encourage team bonding and fostering company pride. They create a sense of unity, camaraderie, plus, they’re drop-dead stylish! 

Our printing t-shirt technology can help reinforce your company’s brand identity by incorporating your logo, slogan, colors, and reflecting the company’s values. It should also be noted that our products are a great solution to promoting the company within and outside the workplace? Whether for corporate events, team-building exercises, or casual Fridays, team shirts add an element of fun and unity to the workplace. They set a positive tone, and can even become a conversation starter, creating a more enjoyable work environment. 

Custom shirts aren’t just for employees. They can also extend to the employees’ families or the broader community, strengthening ties and promoting a sense of inclusivity. Additionally, custom shirts with your company’s logo break down the barriers between work and personal life. They make everyone, including your employees’ family members, feel like valued partners in your company’s journey.

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Why Choose T-MAX?

With a remarkable experience spanning over 20 years, T-MAX has established itself as a leading company in the field. We’re committed to providing quality products with an excellent customer experience. We take pride in our local production facility, ensuring your orders are processed swiftly, and eliminating lengthy waits for imported products. 

Did we already mention that we go the extra mile? Not just in our personalized service, dedicated sales team, and meeting your needs to perfection, but also by employing cutting-edge printing technology. This allows us to create a brand consistency, with high-quality color matching, reproducing your brand’s uniqueness to the T.

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Express Yourself with Us

We believe that branded and well-printed items are more than just clothing: they’re an expression of your company’s values and are there to convey your message. We’re here to help you express yourself. How does it work? 

  • First Step: Reach out to us either via phone or email, and our sales team will respond promptly. 
  • Second Step: We clarify the essence of your order during our conversation, gather all the necessary details about your order, your preferences, and the purpose of your prints. 
  • Third Step: After receiving your order, we start the process of graphic design and product preparation. Then, we get to work to ensure your exquisite printing is delivered!

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Just Reach Out!

T-MAX is your trusted partner for all your t-shirt printing needs. Let us bring your designs to life with precision, speed and unmatched quality. Contact us today to get started and experience the power of T-MAX is T-Shirt.

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