About us and General Information

T Max is a family business established in 1994, owned and run by Maxie and Martia Garb.

We specialize in high quality silk screen printing on textiles and offer a wide range of printing options.

Our designs are created by our in house design department and in addition we also custom print and can offer a wide range of printing options.

We have a large catalog of pre-printed designs intended for the Israeli tourist market. Our shirts can be found at most major tourist sites in Israel.

We also offer custom printing services to high tech companies, sports clubs, factories, youth groups etc.

Garment and printing quality

We have a wide range of garments that are manufactured to our specifications.

Garments that we do not have in stock are acquired from carefully selected suppliers.

We use quality printing inks and regularly test both our garments and printing to insure the highest quality results.

We screen or digital print directly onto the garment. We do not use transfers.

Return policy

We guarantee that all our garments are of the highest quality, any defective garments will be replaced at our cost.

We will also accept returns of pre-printed shirts purchased on the internet which must be shipped to our factory by the customer.

We do not print custom orders without the customer's approval of the final graphics in writing. Please proofead carefully before approving your order.

Printing services

We can offer the following printing services:


A normal opaque ink used for textile printing. It is PVC based and can be felt on the garment.

Water based:

Water based inks work well on light garments and have a softer feel than that of plastisol.


We have a state of the art Kornit digital printer which prints directly onto the garment. This printing system is more expensive than screen printing but prints photographs/colorful images at the highest standard without the necessity of making screens.


We supply images printed with metallic foil.


Puff is a speciality ink that we use successfully in a number of our designs.


Flock is cut by a plotter and pressed onto the garment. It is used mainly for numbers and names on sports shirts for individualized garments>h3>Discharge:Discharge printing chemically removes the shirt color under the print area. This makes it possible to print with a thinner layer of ink on the garment.


Embroidery can be done on all the garments we supply.

Getting a quote

Prices for custom printing are determined by many factors such as: the quantity of shirts ordered, the shirt sizes, the number of colors to be printed, whether the shirt is printed on one or 2 sides and which printing system is used.

Please send us your requirements and we will be happy to send you a quote.

Minimum amounts

Our minimum order for screen printing is 10 garments per color printed.

Each shirt side must be calculated separately.


We normally ship within Israel using Aviv Shigur. Export orders are usually sent via registered mail, EMS or DHL.

Unless otherwise specified delivery charges will be added to the invoice.

Screen costs

The cost quoted for screens is for the preparation and use of our screens to prepare your order.

There is no screen change for reprints.

Large orders

We can supply large orders with custom sewing, labels, printing and packaging, please contact us for further details.